100% Real Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Pattern Twill
Surface Matte
Color Black
Logo Pantone Silk Printing
Material  100% Carbon Fiber
Size 85*55mm
 Net Weight  Approximately 60g
Gift Box Weight 33g


Cabon fiber money clip is more and more popular than ever before, because it’s convenient and easy to carry. The carbon fiber money clip with card holder can hold about 40 bills or 10 credit cards, debit card, ID cards for security. They’re enough to keep money or cards not sliding to the sides, and are easily extracted or removed. It’s really the perfect carbon fiber money clip for the front or back pocket.


[Highly Compact Wallet]
Two sides’ elastic bands greatly increase its compactness, the feature enabling you to store compactly your credit cards or paper bills in the wallet, and prevent them from slipping out. In addition, it’s not as awkward as bloated traditional wallets.
[Aluminium & Carbon Style]
The combination of carbon and aluminium material makes the carbon fiber wallet more stronger and durable, it’s about 60 gram.
[Large Capacity]
The carbon fiber wallet can holds up to 40 bills or 10 credit cards in the inner layer, and 20 bills on the outer layer.


Money / cash ,business cards, name cards, vip cards , id cards ,bills, receipts, any combination of bills and cards.