carbon fiber purse luxury material

Pattern Twill
Surface Matte
Color Black, Silver
Logo Steel Seal
Material  Carbon Fiber
Wallet 100*600*20mm
Gift Box 125*90*35mm
 Net Weight  Approximately 150g
Gift Box Weight

There are 4 styles of real carbon fiber wallet for different sizes and shapes, but all of them are durable, flexible, thin and light, which comfortably fit the ID cards, membership cards, credit cards, drivers’ licenses, debit cards, and cash. The best carbon fiber wallets have enough room to still holds a lot inside.
It’s amazing that the stitching of carbon fiber minimalist wallets is reliable and the pattern is stylish. Besides, there are surprisingly good packages for protection. If you own one of the carbon fiber wallets, it’ll be a long time that you don’t need a new wallet. Because they will not fall apart or be bent out of shape like some of the old wallets.


1.Made by 100% real carbon fiber
2.High strength, 5 times than steel
3.Unique appearance
4.Long-time Using period


Business gift, company promotional products, etc