car carbon fiber license plate frame us standard

Pattern Twill, Plain
Surface Glossy, Matte
Line 3K Or 1K,1.5K, 6K
Color Black
Logo Pantone Silk Print
Material 100% Real Carbon Fiber
Length  304.8 mm
Width  152.4 mm
Weight Approximately 50g

Great real carbon fiber plate frame fit US standard. They’re super lightweight and twill weave pattern is nice. gloss finish and matte finish are all pretty, but you may think the gloss one is shiny and sparkly. The two holes at the top are cut by standard size to fit your car well. Take a close look at the appearance which gives your car the desired sport look. If you have any design changed, welcome for contacting us.




1.Real 3K carbon fiber
2.5X stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum:
3. At just 2mm thick, but are incredibly strong
4.Scratch-resistant: The Matte finish was formulated to resist scratches
5.Elegant Modern design: Carry a piece of functional art to show your friends, accept customized design


License protected frame,gift,company promotional products,etc