carbon fiber plate with color silk

Pattern Plain
Surface Glossy
Line 3K Or 1K,1.5K, 6K
Color Colorful
Lay Up 3K+UD+3K, Full 3K
Material Japan Toray Carbon Fiber Fabric+Resin
Carbon Fiber Content  68%
Length 500,600,800,1000,1200 mm
Width 400,500,600,1000 mm
Thickness 0.2-60 mm
 Net Weight(g)  200g/sqm -360g/sqm
Packed Weight(kg) more than 0.25kg


We mainly offer 2 kinds of solid carbon fiber sheets. The first is a quasi-isotropic carbon fiberboard consisting of 90-degree and 45-degree fabrics. Another style is non-quasi-isotropic, where twill weaved is in the direction of 0°/90°. XC carbon fiber sheets are all made by 100% carbon fiber fabric imported from Japan. Flawless weave on different surfaces for option including plain weave,2×2 weave, glossy and matte. These are colorful carbon sheets with silk, which have a clear weave on the surface.


1.High Strength, Light Weight, Environmental, Durable Nice Surface, Fashion
2.Low Coefficiency Of Thermal Expansion, High-Temperature Resistance
3.Good Tenacity, Good Toughness, Low Coefficiency Of Thermal Expansion


1. Aerospace, Helicopters Model Drone , UAVS, FPV, RC Model Parts
2.Manufacture Fixtures And Tooling, Industrial Automation And Robotics
3.Sports Equipment, Musical Instruments, Medical Device
4.Building Construction Repair And Strengthening
5.Car Interior Decoration Parts, Art Products