The 25th China International Composites Industrial Technical Expo 2019 is coming (September 3 – September 5, 2019)

Welcome to 25th China Composites Expo 2019, we hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from Sept 3th to 5th 2019, our exhibition No.: B3015 in Hall 2 , below is details.

25th China Composites Expo 2019 (1)


25th China Composites Expo 2019 (2)4
Exhibition address : Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention
Exhibition time: Sept 3th to 5th 2019
Booth Number: B3015 in Hall 2


The industry in this exhibition:

1. Raw materials and their production equipment: various types of resins (unsaturated/epoxy/ethylene/phenolic, etc.), various types of fibers and reinforcing materials (glass/carbon/basalt fiber/aramid/natural fiber, etc.), adhesives, various additives, fillers, color and premixes, pre-immersion, as well as the production, processing and processing equipment of the above-mentioned raw materials;

2. Composite materials production technology and equipment: injection, winding, molding, injection, pull, RTM, LFT, vacuum import, hot pressure tank and other new molding technology and equipment;

3. Finished products and applications: composite materials in anti-corrosion engineering, construction, automotive and other rail transport, boats, aerospace, aviation, national defense, machinery, chemical, new energy, electricity electronics, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, sports equipment, daily life and other fields of products and applications, manufacturing equipment;

4.  Composite material quality control and testing: quality control technology and material testing equipment, automation control technology and robot equipment, non-destructive testing technology and equipment;

5. Composite materials and their products energy-saving, environmental recycling, recycling, repair and other technologies and equipment;

6. Carbon fiber, aramid fiber, polymer polyethylene fiber, renewable biological fiber and other advanced enhancement materials and its products and related technologies, equipment;

7. Wood-plastic composite materials, metal-based compositematerials, ceramic-based composites and other related raw materials, products, technology and equipment.
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